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13. Do you agreeor disagree with the statement that children who join in group sport activitiestend to be more sociable than those who only do exercise by themselves.

12. Do you agreeor disagree with the statement that friends should always be honest and frankto each other, not telling any lies.



Which of the following universities would you prefer to choose? A university with high academic ability and with high tuition or A university with mediocre academicability but gives you scholarship. Give specific explanation in your response.

Secondly, the lounge is a good place for recreation. After a whole day’s study, in such alounge, students can see a movie, listen to music, drink some coffee or chat with friends to kill their time. Students may well keep a balance between studying and relaxation, which is beneficial to everyone.

The most remarkable reason is saving money. For schools, using the e-books and electronic devices, the university doesn’t have to build a library or rehabilitate the old library, which is money-saving; also there is the wear and tear, the more students readand borrow paper books, the more money schools will have to spend on maintenance and repairs. Apart from those, the price for an e-book is much cheaper than the price for one paper book, then the universities can save a bunch of money when buying materials for students or teachers for reference.

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Do you agreeor disagree with the policy that some professors don’t allow students to record the class lectures? Give your explanation in your response.



Some people like to have their living rooms or bedrooms decorated by photos or paintings, while some people like to keep their walls in those rooms clean and tidy, with no or namentation. Which way do you think is better?

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I really think the home-school education is beneficial.


Personally speaking,this trend is beneficial.


10.Many peoplechoose to go to specific shops to buy specific products, such as only buyingbread in bakery, only purchasing vegetables in vegetable market; while somepeople prefer to have one-stop shopping, buying all the things in one bigsupermarket. Which one is your habit and why? Give specific explanation in yourresponse.

Definitely Iagree to build such a lounge.

15. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Companies shouldn’t allow its employees to send personal texts or emails during work hours.

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17. As for important business meetings, do you prefer to have face-to-face meeting or havethe meetings through advanced technologies like telephones?

Personally speaking, I will choose the university that gives me scholarship, because money is decisive factor for me. My family is not affluent; both my father and mother are the blue-collar workers; their annual income is no more than 10 thousand dollars. Thus, if having the scholarship, I can use the scholarship to cover part of my tuition, the cost of my rent, my clothes and my daily meals and so on. However, if without the scholarship, hardly can I pay for my university, I may have to have several part-time jobs to cover my expenditure, which will make me exhausted.

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Some day in the future the library will be replaced by e-books and other electronic devices, then libraries will no longer exist in universities. Do you agree or disagree with the statement?

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11. Do you agreeor disagree with the statement? Children are supposed to be taught to beindependent when they are at the young age. Give specific explanation in yourresponse.


Your school is about to close the computer labs in the teaching buildings, do you agree or disagree with the statement? Give specific explanation in your response.

Firstly, the lounge facilitates learning. It is very common to have the group discussion or group assignment for a college student. If having such a lounge, students can have the seats, adequate light and a comfortable place to exchange ideas and discuss their tasks.

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I think the school should allow students to take records of professors’ lectures. The most important reason is that this may help students to master what they have learnt. Sometimes students may not fully get or understand the key points professors have told us. Thus, after class, if having the records, students may listen to the lecture again and again, review and digest the key knowledge stressed in class. However, if without such records, they may not have the chance to review the knowledge or solve their puzzle. When it comes exams, maybe it will be the nightmare! Thus, I think taking records shouldn’t be banned.

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Personally speaking, I’d like to keep my walls clean and tidy.



For another thing, this choice helps students save time. Studying at home, the moment students get up, the instant they can have classes. However,复合硅酸盐制品及抹面料 if going to schools, commuting from homes to schools, during the morning and evening rush hours, students may waste a lot of time, maybe two hours or more.

Nowadays some parents and students choose to have the home school, which means students listen to class and finish their assignments at home through the on-line educational system and they don’t have to go to the campus. Do you agree or disagree with this form of education and why?

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Sample response:

Your university is about to build a lounge in the campus so as to facilitate students’ studying and relaxation. Do you agree or disagree with such an idea? Give your explanations in your response.

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Some people prefer to praise the good things children have done; some people prefer to punish the bad things kids have done, which choice do you think is more appropriate and why? Give your explanations in your response.



For one thing, it is very economical. Studying at home, students don’t have to spend money on transportation, like taking a bus or a taxi. Also, they don’t have to eat in restaurants in schools, instead they may eat at home. These two things will save a bunch of money and relieve their parents’ economic burden.


Personally speaking, I think parents should allow their children to make mistakes, because children can gain experience from mistakes. For example, if children mistakenly spell English words, after realizing that, they will obtain a clear impression on the right spelling. Also when studying mathematics, if kids’ calculation did not reach the right result, they will try to find their mistakes, correcting them, after that next time when they do the similar calculation, they may not commit the same mistake. In a word, sometimes mistakes are the good teachers, helping children to grow.

For another thing, this choice helps me save money. If having the photos or paintings, I may have to change them once every one or two months, processing photos or buying new paintings may cost me some pocket money. However, just aclean wall, I don’t have to spend money on them.

In my view, I think compliment is the best choice.

16. Do you agree or disagree with the statement that parents should prevent their children from pursuing jobs in competitive fields such as actors, musicians or athletes?



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14. Some peoplehave emotional attachments to old things, such as old clothes, old books andtoys they played in their childhood, so they would prefer to keep them as longas possible; while some people don’t have such attachments and prefer to throwout old things, which one is your habit and why?

For one thing, no ornamentation leads to no distraction. Stepping into my room, with aclean wall, sleeping is sleeping and studying is just studying; no pictures or photos will disturb my attention. If hanging some photos, my imagination or memory will be evoked and I may think about some other things when I amstudying.

Compliment will make children feel motivated and they might be more likely to repeat the good things they have done. After listening the praise from parents, seeing the smiles from teachers, getting the recognition from others, children will feel asense of achievement and happiness, they will know their deeds are beneficial to others and next time they will also do good things to others, such as picking up the rubbish on the road or respecting the elderly and so on. However, if always getting punishment or criticism from others, children might become timid and diffident, which is harmful to their growth.

Some parents always try to prevent their children from making mistakes, while some parents allow their kids to commit mistakes, thinking such experience helpful. Which opinion do you agree and why?

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Personally speaking, I agree with the statement. The benefit is this choice can help the school save a bunch of money. Nowadays in my city all the students have their own laptop and they like to finish various assignments on their own laptop because it is really convenient. Not even once will many students go to the computer labs in schools. Thus, if closing the computer labs, the school doesn’t need to buy the computers, doesn’t need to spend money on the maintenance and repairs and doesn’t need to cover the electricity money, whichis really economical. Then the school can use the saved money to do more researches.

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